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Standalone companion diagnostics

Fast Track Biomarker Signatures and Companion Diagnostics

Multiply your drug sales with high accuracy CDx.

Companion diagnostics (CDx) can be used to predict patients who would benefit from a specific treatment. Therefore, CDx is becoming more and more popular in the drug development and approval process as well as in post-approval marketing.
  • Want to turn your medication into a first liner or protect your first line status in a competitive environment?
  • Do you strive at a maximum of confidence in value-based pricing arrangements with payers?
  • Are you about to launch a biosimilar and want to stand out and boost your revenue?
  • Want to boost your marketing and equip your sales force with tangible new arguments to immediately convince doctors and other target groups of your medication's viability?
  • Do you aim at improving consumer compliance to achieve health benefits?
With a multidisciplinary, highly experienced team, OakLabs is the perfect partner for developing your CDx with superior accuracy and boosting the market success of your drug. To achieve this, we are moving from the use of single biomarkers to biomarker signatures for superior accuracy.

For drugs in clinical trials phase 1-3 please refer to the according page.

Your benefits in numbers

months for high accuracy CDx
average accuracy with biomarker signatures
performance-based pricing

OakLabs' Success Strategy for Companion Diagnostics