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Improved clinical trials

Advanced Clinical Trials

From better patient selection to optimal approval rates and higher drug pricing.

A tremendous effort has to be made before clinical trials on humans are initiated for a potential drug. Nevertheless nine out of ten drugs entering phase 1 do not get approval.

  • Want to avoid late-stage failures and increase your approval rates in clinical trials?
  • Would you like to increase the speed to market of your drugs and maximize sales during patent protection?
  • Striving for a more cost-efficient clinical development?
  • Want to make sure that your medication has every chance to achieve a high price and become a first liner once approved?
  • Do you aim at improving the accuracy of patient selection?
With our unique approach and our expertise in this field, we will help you to significantly improve the approval rate at the same or lower costs and achieve higher revenues.

Is your medication already launched to the market? Learn more about the advantages of standalone companion diagnostics (CDx) for approved drugs at the following page.

Your benefits in numbers

likelihood of approval from phase 1
cost reduction of drug development
increased speed to market
growth in sales

OakLabs' Success Strategy for Clinical Trials