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Feasibility Study

Success Strategy: Biomarker Signatures

Rapid Feasibility Test for a Drug in Clinical Trial or a Diagnostic Test in Development

For drug developers

  • Unsure if your biomarker is sufficiently reliable for patient stratification?
  • Want to find out what benefits to expect from biomarker signatures?
  • Interested in a accurate biomarker specifically developed for your drug at no extra costs?
  • Want to make sure that a companion diagnostic would be a feasible fall back option in case your drug requires one?
  • Aim at early acquisition of data that prove a significant added value for your drug?

For developers of molecular diagnostics

  • Wonder how artificial intelligence and machine learning can increase the accuracy of your multimarker panel?
  • Want to avoid complex mathematical classification models due to the required IEC 62304 analysis software?
  • Looking for a risk-free way to evaluate biomarker signature accuracies?
We might have exactly the right approach for you: At OakLabs, we will carefully analyze the potential of yielding a biomarker signature with superior accuracy. We are very confident that our experience in a great number of successful real-world projects will lead to a correct evaluation and get the desired results, therefore we are willing to work 100% risk-free for you.

Your benefits in numbers

average accuracy of our biomarker signatures
success guarantee*

* based on previously defined goals which vary from project to project

How it works