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About OakLabs


  • OakLabs was founded in 2011 by Martina Schad, Ph.D., and Jim Kallarackal, Ph.D
  • The headquarters are located near Berlin, Germany
  • Customers worldwide trust in OakLabs' highly innovative products and services

Our Products

Our core technologies integrate multidisciplinary excellence in:

  • Speciality lab services for gene expression analysis scalable to any type and size of project:
  • Machine learning for the discovery of advanced biomarker signatures for prognostics, diagnostics and prediction.
  • Software development compliant to relevant FDA regulations.

Our customers can expect services at predefined costs and fast delivery times due to an efficient integration of biocomputing and superior modeling.

Research & Discovery

We support your Research & Discovery projects with advances solutions for identification of informative biomarkers from any type of molecule using advanced machine learning algorithms. Our outstanding technology for genome-wide and pathway-focussed gene expression analysis provides exceptional data even from single cells and FFPE material.

Development & Validation

  • Identification of novel biomarker with enhanced specificity and sensitivity
  • Reduction of sample numbers associated with tremendous savings due to machine learning algorithms
  • Improved planning security with reliable prediction of sample number
  • Efficient streamlining of the marker set towards required sensitivity and specificity
  • Superior speciality lab services for nucleic acid type biomarkers

Transition to market

OakLabs develops an IEC 62304 & FDA compliant software solution required to run your diagnostic test in diagnostic laboratories. Our team of experts can also assist you with developing nucleic acid type testings.