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Leveraging our AI excellence to maximize the success of your drug.

Only one out of ten drugs in clinical trials successfully makes it to market. We want to partner with you to enhance this statistics dramatically. Developing predictive biomarkers specific for your drug offers a number of advantages. Efficient patient stratification accelerates clinical trial duration and shortens time to market. Companion diagnostics give your drug key advantages to competing products.

What makes our approach unique?

  • We develop treatment specific biomarkers as they are superior to disease specific biomarkers.
  • Our biomarkers are made up by multiple molecular markers and are superior to single biomarkers in terms of accuracy and reproducibility.
  • Our proprietary AI algorithms outperform any out of the shelf algorithms.
  • We achieve highest accuracies as we compute exact solutions rather than approximations. We reduce the required 2 core years computing time to 2 days with our IP in massive parallelization.

We are driven by our unique capability to recover the hidden treasure which drugs in clinical trials offer.

Benefit from the opportunities created in a cooperation with OakLabs and contact us today.