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Speciality Lab Services

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OakLabs' speciality lab services enable successful and efficient project progress.

OakLabs offers superior and flexible solutions for projects of any type and size including complex setups.
Data is provided as quickly as needed and exactly as requested.

OakLabs offers

  • Established proprietary technology to achieve highest information value
  • Superior data quality
  • Proven expertise in projects of all types and sizes
  • Fast turnaround times of less than 2 weeks
  • Reliable and precise service packages including sound data analyses and visualization


Overcome bottlenecks of RNA-Seq with OakLabs

OakLabs has a streamlined, highly efficient pipeline — from RNA-Seq data acquisition to statistical analysed and visualized data enabling rapid interpretation.

Your benefits:

  • Adapt sensitivity as needed
  • Long lasting experience from all kinds of expression studies
  • Early access to transcriptomes of any species
  • Extensive bioinformatics and cloud services

Preanalytical Services

The Key for High Data Quality

We offer RNA isolation even from challenging samples such as FFPE material, liquid biopsies including urine and saliva.
In preanalytics, standardized and consistent processes are fundamental for obtaining high quality data and accessing a maximum of biological information.

All our services are performed using controlled SOPs, developed by OakLabs or supplied by the customer. A variety of source materials are accepted for high quality DNA and RNA extraction procedures including:

  • solid tissue of any species including human and any organs of plants
  • whole blood and specific blood cells
  • primary cells, cell cultures and cell lines
  • bacterial and viral cultures
  • urine, saliva and buccal swabs
  • single cells in collection buffer
  • laser capture microdissected (LCM) samples
  • formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) samples

To demonstrate a sample's quality, we provide thorough quality control procedures of isolated nucleic acids including concentration, purity and integrity analysis.

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