Transition to Market

Your air-tight plan reliably to the market.

There are many decisive factors to take into account for a successful market launch. With this in mind, our comprehensive process includes a thorough testing stage that will make sure that your unique product meets all expectations.

By outsourcing some of the crucial steps of your project you will gain more flexibility as well as the support of experts in the field who are able to work with emergent technologies. Thus, you will be able to minimize your time investment as well as costs.

OakLabs' scientific and technological excellence combined with our proven agility and speed make us an ideal partner for every stage of your market transition.

Are you looking for IEC 62304 & FDA compliant software solutions for your medical tests? We will develop them for you.

Our team of experts is thrilled to develop any nucleic acid type testings for you.

OakLabs offers

  • Fast and accurate results for your smooth market transition
  • Industry-leading methods and technology to turn your projects into a complete success
  • Support of a highly qualified interdisciplinary team with outstanding track records and valuable experience in various Development & Validation projects
  • Rigorous quality assurance measures which guarantee superior results for your tests

IEC 62304 & FDA Compliant Software Solutions

Major attention is required for the development of medical device software. Early involvement of OakLabs within the discovery and validation phase means that we are able to consult and assist you in handling potential challenges as well as save you from upcoming drawbacks.

Our experts are experienced in developing software solutions for all concepts of safety classes which cover the whole software life cycle.

  1. Software development process
  2. Software maintenance process
  3. Software risk management processs
  4. Software configuration management process
  5. Software trouble-shooting process

Our software is compatible with all operating systems including Windows, MacOS, Debian based Linux and embedded devices.

Our solutions are devoted to providing an outstanding user experience by including ultra fast response times and aesthetically innovative, efficient user interface designs.

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