Development & Validation

Change the game with our machine learning algorithms.

Research & Discovery projects often involve the analysis of tens of thousands of data points, such as mRNA species, metabolites and proteins, upwards of several hundred or even thousands of samples.

OakLabs' interdisciplinary team of biologists, mathematicians, quantum physicists and biostatisticians has bolstered such projects in order to enter the next phase efficiently.

Our excellence - your benefits

  • Identification of novel, clinically relevant multiplex biomarkers with enhanced specificity and sensitivity using superior classification techniques
  • Improved planning security with reliable prediction of required samples based on resampling techniques and regression analysis
  • Reduction of sample number associated with tremendous savings due to machine learning algorithms
  • Efficient streamlining of the marker set towards required sensitivity and specificity
  • Outstanding speciality lab services for clinically applicable nucleic acid type biomarkers

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